We're training you to be champions!

This is a picture of my mastermind/business partner's "Dream Wall."

I'm a part of a Mastermind group (we call it the "OWL Council") made up of my two business partners, my mom, and myself.  We meet every Monday at 8:00 in the morning at a hotel lobby and we sit down...and wrestle with life.

We look at where we are not taking 100% responsibility in our business, life, and goals.  And it does feel like a mental wrestling match to pin yourself and your life down and focus on where we need to stop fooling around and get better at "our stuff."

And we are so grateful to be engaging in this 1 hour and 30 minute appointment with ourselves because it means that we are choosing to figure things out and arm ourselves against the contagious disease of drifting through life.
People who drift through life are people who...

- never seem to figure out money.  They always spend more than they make and they can't save a dime.

- never think for themselves and often just go along with what they're pestered to do because they've never developed the mental muscles to figure out what was best for them personally.

- don't have a definite purpose in life and so mediocrity sinks its lethargic claws into their spirit.

Don't let this happen to you!  Do whatever you have to do to stay on that upward spiral.  Read the books!  Listen to the audios!  Seek advice from people who are actually successful!  Get away from negative people!  Start a mastermind group and if you don't have anyone to meet with now, then set the appointment with yourself and a personal development book and do it by yourself in the beginning if you have to.  Refuse to give in to a life of average and mediocrity and stifled dreams.

Get in the ring.  Wrestle with life and win!  We're training you to be champions!  COME ON!  

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