Hello March Printable + My Review of February


I amped up "taking 100% responsibility" for my health by doing more research into taking an even more personalized approach to health and fitness after I stumbled across a Youtube video about the meal plans and training regimens that are specific to different body types: mesomorphs, endomorphs, and ectomorphs. 

Pic: My attempt at making sauerkraut. It wasn't successful. LOL. But I'll try again.

As I watched the video, everything started to click and knowing how I need to eat and exercise as an endomorph body type has been pivotal. I feel a lot more satisfied after eating and I'm getting better results with my exercise. As an endomorph, I need to eat mostly protein and veggies, avoid white starch and sugar like the plague and do high-intensity interval training (HIIT). I've now graduated from walking for exercise to now alternating between doing either 40 minutes of yoga or 30-40 minutes of HIIT. The Health section of my Ultimate Life Binder has been growing as I've added grocery list printables and information I've found on Pinterest about the endomorph body type.

I've come to really enjoy using Fitness Blender on Youtube. They have nearly 4 million subscribers for their workout videos! It seems that people love them because they keep their videos free of distracting music and they just walk you through the exercise without yelling at you for "motivation." Haha. Oh, and they wear normal, modest workout clothes.

I also started checking in daily with an exercise accountability partner via Facebook messenger and we report our fitness activity to each other.

  • Do I know what type of meal plan and exercise works best for me and my body type?
  • Do I know someone who takes health and fitness seriously who can be my accountability partner?

So here's a little story for you. At the beginning of February, I had a little blogger mastermind get-together with my friend Holly. We talked about everything we wanted to start doing for our blog...and the things we were stalling on - creating our courses! Holly had been working on a course about grant writing and I wanted to create a course about how to create passive income with printables.

"Right!" I said. "Let's make a pact right now that we are both going to finish our courses THIS MONTH, or we owe the other person $100."

Pic: My course creation set-up

And so, now that we both had some skin in the game, we set to work overcoming the resistance. What is the resistance? It's that thorny feeling that makes you put off doing what you know you need to do. I had been wanting to create a course on how I make money selling printables on Etsy for a year and I kept putting it off. I can't really explain why. I think when it comes to creating and offering our best to the world from our zone of genius...we meet resistance. If you want to hear me talk about my course-creation resistance (amongst other entrepreneurial-journey-things), listen to my interview on the She Means Business Podcast with Carrie Green here. :) 

But we need to take that resistance as a sign that we are on the right track and that our best life is on the other side.

So, yes, I had to wrestle with myself at times and force myself to sit down and do the work, but the more I focused on it, the easier it became and by the end of the month, Holly and I were celebrating! We both achieved our goals...and didn't have to dish out $100 to the other person. :)
Pic: The view from where we held our mastermind meet up.

This experience gave me an idea for something that I want to carry forward: The $100 Mastermind. The concept is for at least two people to meet once a month and have a discussion around identifying the ONE THING that would make the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE if completed that month. It has to be 100% in your power to achieve it; you just have to overcome the resistance...or forfeit $100 to the other person. Maybe you should try it. It worked wonders for Holly and me. My course is now live and is doing extremely well!

Let me tell you, the most rewarding feeling has been knowing that I DID IT. I have the power to create something out of nothing that gives value to other people. I have the power to overcome the resistance. I have the power to be 10x more productive than I was the month before. 

Holly and I are meeting again this Saturday to set the next goal and $100 bet. :)

  • What one goal would make the biggest difference in my career if I achieved it this month?
  • Who can lock arms with me in a $100 Mastermind so that I can break free of the resistance and lift my life to another level?


This month, I was pushed outside of my comfort zone by being interviewed on two huge online summits. One was for the launch of Carrie's book She Means Business! Her book includes my story as an entrepreneur so I've been having fun going along for the ride of being able to share how I went from working in a little cafe knowing hardly anything about the internet biz world to now owning a successful online business. People really loved the online summit - which Carrie actually called an Online Extravaganza! :) - and I got to be interviewed by Carrie along with author Gabrielle Bernstein, Carrie's sister Samantha from Little Green, and Nikki Elledge Brown from Naptime Empires. Wow!!!

Pic: A snapshot of the bonus page for the book.

Pic: Carrie's book!

  • How did I push myself outside of my comfort zone last month?
  • How am I going to push myself outside of my comfort zone just a little bit more this month? 

Well, to wrap up this review of February, I'd like to end with something that I shared with a friend who asked me if I ever had a job I disliked. Here's what I said:

Yes, when I was a waitress and then when I was operating a coffee shop. At the coffee shop, I starting to immerse myself in personal development. I listened to Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Tony Robbins. I particularly remember listening to the audiobook of Jack Canfield's book Success Principles. I got a subscription to audible.com and listened to personal development audio books whenever I was driving or not directly taking care of customers. 

I started to feel a lot better because I knew that where I was physically was temporary and I was outgrowing it mentally every day. I got excited and would spend my nights working on my personal projects whereas before I'd just come home and plop down to sleep. I've done everything from cleaning public restrooms to babysitting baby twins 24 hours a day, but I was always plugged into personal development and I was always working on my side passion/gig whenever I wasn't working to pay bills. And eventually, the side gig got big enough to where I was able to quit everything that I knew was temporary. 

10 years ago I quit waitressing. 8 years ago I quit janitorial work at my college (I also quit college). 4 years ago I quit running the coffee shop. 3 years ago I quit being a nanny. 2 years ago I quit cleaning other people's homes. And when I say "quit," I really mean "outgrew." There's a quote that says, "You pay your bills from 9-5. You make your fortune after 5." It's true! 

I absorb personal development more than ever. I was just listening to Les Brown this morning.
The days can be long, but the years are short. Never give up.

Creating Passive Income with Printables

Hi! I am so happy to announce that my course on how to make passive income with printables is now available! :)

In it, I share everything I've learned as I went from making barely any money on Etsy to making $2000 a month consistently - all with selling printables!

There's no such thing as overnight success, but there IS such a thing as shortening the learning curve and learning from people who are where we want to be in order to avoid months or years of mistakes.

This is the course I wish I had when I started. I am so pleased to be sharing it with you. 

January Review + Free Printable for February

You don't need to subscribe in order to access this printable, but if you DO want to be notified whenever I release another one, CLICK HERE.

January 2017 is already a closed chapter! I made sure to take the time to do a little review of the past month for myself and would like to share what I came up with.

(pic: local sweet potato)
HEALTH: Established an exercise routine of walking for one hour between my home and a nearby coffee shop. This allows me to carve out time to listen to my favourite podcasts (right now I've been listening to a lot of Dave Ramsey for financial advice), drink more water, and get moving. I've also started being more intentional about eating local, organic fruit and vegetables.
RELATIONSHIPS: Intentionally spending more time with good, motivated people. I started a blogger get-together so that I can widen my network with like-minded women. 

(pic: the Coloring JoyBook. Take a closer look HERE.)
CAREER: I've created a new product - my Coloring JoyBook and was interviewed on the She Means Business podcast. The episode I recorded with Carrie isn't live yet, but you can subscribe to the podcast HERE
PERSONAL GROWTH: I've been listening to personal development audios and reading every day: Earl Nightingale, The Magic of Thinking Big, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, The Power is Within You by Louise Hay...
HAPPINESS: Taking time to do fun things like going out dancing on salsa night and getting dressed up to have a nice drink in a nice place with friends. I'm also digging deeper into my art hobbies by taking classes on the website SkillShare.

(pic: a mind-map of my day)
SIMPLIFY + ORGANIZE: I've started using Dave Ramsey's free budgeting system called Every Dollar to organize my personal budget and it really is the best system I've ever used and I've tried and spent money on so many other programs. Additionally, I got some work done on my car to get some things fixed - I don't like doing car stuff so this is a big deal. I also withdrew from a commitment as a board member on a non-profit that I can no longer help with. 
(pic: my desk in my studio apartment)
Whew. You know, if I didn't take the time to write this up for myself, then I would have felt like I didn't really do much in January because sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking that progress isn't progress unless it's perfect. But that's not true. Progress is progress! 

2017 New Year Resolutions Printable - Set Powerful Goals with Your Gut!

My New Years Resolution printable is back for the third year in a row! 

It's been downloaded by people all over the world thousands and thousands of times. I've kept the questions the same and the beauty of this printable is that it helps people set goals from their gut. Each box contains a single-word prompt and you simply fill in your response within the framework of what you want to see manifest in your life for the year.

Here is a video that my friend and mentor, Carrie Green of the Female Entrepreneur Association filmed when I first released this printable. I'm still so thrilled that she made this video. One of my goals for 2017 is to get over myself and start making my own videos. :)

Ever since I decided to make every year 10 times better than the last, this has absolutely been the case. 2016 has been the most challenging and amazing year so far. I've had achievements and epiphanies that I feel have been ten years in the making.

This year, I have...

- created The Power of Printables course for the Female Entrepreneur Association Members Club
- created the Pinterest Potential bundle for the Members Club as well
- travelled to Florida for Carrie Green's wedding
- moved into my own apartment
- created the 2017 Coloring Joybook and hosted a get-together using it
- spoke at the Women in Business Conference
- and so many more blessings

This year, I have learned...

- There truly is an equal or greater benefit in every challenge, but you only receive the benefit if you are LOOKING for it and are OPEN to it.

- Feeling resistance means that you are moving up to a higher level in your life. Keep moving.

- Helping people past a certain point, is not helping. Let people have their struggle. Everyone needs to be able to "take a good look in the mirror." Don't stand between them and the mirror.

- Distractions aren't just Netflix and going out too much. They are ANYTHING and anyone that prevents you from reaching your personal potential. Sometimes we are involved in "good" activities that are actually holding us down and keeping us small - which makes them distractions. This is such a hard lesson to learn and I don't think you can really learn it until you experience it. This is probably my biggest epiphany of 2016.

What has been your biggest epiphany from 2016? Tell me in the comments. I'm actually craving to hear it! :)

If you'd love extra help dreaming BIG for 2017, then check out my 2017 Dream Big Coloring Joybook! >> CLICK HERE

How I've Set Up My Life Binder For 2017

This is exciting. 2017 is just around the corner and I just finished getting my Life Binder all cleaned up and perked up for the new year and for YOU! :)

In case you're unfamiliar with this, my Life Binder is a system that I've used for years to take 100% responsibility for my life. It allows me to have one central, physical hub for everything that is going on in my life so that I can SEE it and MEASURE my progress. It's been the key to my ability to live my life on an upward spiral and make every year 10 times better than the last.

The last time I did a post like this where I went into the behind the scenes of my personal life binder was YEARS ago. Yikes. But that post has become the most popular post on my blog and helped me realize that I needed to turn this system into a product that people could buy and now my Life Binder has helped well over a thousand people move closer to taking 100% responsibility for their lives too.

The post below is all in pictures - I'm not going to drive you crazy with additional descriptions because there is already sooooo much to scroll through, but if you have ANY questions, please leave a comment below! :)

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My Ultimate Life Binder has helped over 1000 paper-loving-planner-enthusiasts set goal-centered habits, design their ideal wardrobe, iron out weekly routines, and so much more.

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How to Get Back your Clarity, Energy, and Momentum

Hello Mid-August... or almost-end-of-August rather! Some of you have noticed that I haven't posted my usual free "Hello Mid-Month" printable since May. Truth be told, I've been so preoccupied with creating new courses and products that I felt a little too burnt out to do my usual monthly post. I've also been feeling a little bit STUCK. 

It's funny because I was talking to my friend/client/mentor Carrie Green about this quicksand feeling a few weeks ago and she's been experiencing the same thing! Maybe something is going around... And since Carrie is amazing, she went ahead and created a video and workbook to help people break free from feeling this way. Check it out here. >>

When it comes down to it, I feel like feeling stuck comes down to this:

- 1 -

We've stopped feeling as grateful as possible for all the blessings, opportunities, people, and resources that we have in our lives and so we've stopped taking full advantage of what we have in front of us. The key question here is: WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE? We don't deserve more until we appreciate what we already have and we do that by MAKING USE of it.

- 2 -

We've stopped taking action. We let ourselves get overwhelmed by uncertainty instead of focusing on THE VERY NEXT STEP RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. When we take action - ANY ACTION - on a consistent basis, we stay tuned into clarity, momentum, and energy. Decide right now that you are going to do SOMETHING today even if you have to "move heaven and earth." You know what that "something" is already. It's right in front of you. Don't take those baby steps for granted. One step always leads to another.

- 3 -

We've "turned down" the volume of our personal development. Feeling dry, uninspired, used up? We actually make things harder than they need to be when we ignore our personal development. Reading and listening to self-improvement materials has a multiplying effect on our effort. You can literally 10x your results by spending at least 30 minutes every day reading books like The Slight Edge, The Magic of Thinking Big, or Think and Grow Rich, or listening to great thought leaders like Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, or Jack Canfield.

And of course, to help you implement all this, I created a free printable just for you to help you "get out of a funk".

Keep moving forward. No matter what.

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