A fun system for logging ideas, techniques, and notes

Whenever I feel like something isn't working, I know I need to figure out a system to put in place.  So, I've just done this with note taking, because I'm not a fan of taking notes for self-improvement in different areas of my life and then forgetting all about my notes because they're all mixed up in random notebooks!

I mostly use this system when I am watching informative YouTube videos, mind sweeping/brain dumping, or just web-surfing and coming across information that gives me ideas for my own projects.

So, after I purchased some index cards and an index card box, I made tabs for the different areas of my life.

So far I have:

Network Marketing 
- for my business -

Simply Clean 
- for my cleaning company -

- my goals, plus advice on goal setting -

- for ideas that I want to put into practice immediately -

- a log of my "wins" each day -

I'm thinking that my next tabs will include Health for recipes, and Secret OWL Society (of course) for blog ideas, Photoshop for techniques...
Yup, I think this system is going to stick. :)


  1. I'm going to try this. I've been wanting to go through my 2013 journals and extract all the ideas I've forgotten about - this is a better way to house them because I always forget which journal I write a brilliant idea in. Bravo Michelle!

  2. Thank you Raye! Yes! Ideas are nothing unless they're acted upon.


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