Freebie Friday: Mind Map Printable

Welcome back to FREEBIE FRIDAY! Today's freebie is my secret weapon. This is how I brain dump, mind map, get clarity, get focused...

The printable below is a technique for mapping out your thoughts and there are so many ways to accomplish that.

In the circle at the center, write down your main area of focus.
It can be... 
"June goals"
"2014 goals"

And then, in the circles surrounding the center, you drill down into the sub-areas. So, if I write "June Goals" in the middle, then in the other circles, I'm going to write the different areas of my life that I am going to set goals for. So I'll write things like health, business, project, home, finances, etc. Lastly and most importantly, I'll write the goal for each of those areas next to the circle. So for "Health," I'll write something like, be able to run 3 miles (not really, I hate running). I can go further and branch off into writing down activities that support that goal, like "exercise 15 minutes a day," "eat healthy," "drink 10 cups of water a day."

I hope this makes sense. It's super late in the evening (just got back from a late showing of  the X-men could have been better in my opinion), but I wanted to get this up.

I promise I'll do another post soon in which I show this printable in action with helpful, hardcore examples.
In the meantime, feel free to fiddle around with it. Click on the following link to print >> Mind Map Printable


  1. I don't have a color would be really cool to see this in black and white as well! Thanks again for a great printable!

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