Hello Mid-December Printable

Once again I come to you with another MID month printable. Haha! Honestly, the reason they're mid month lately is because I've been all over the place literally with travel and big events, but I'm actually starting to think that MID MONTH PLANNING is just as valuable as planning at the beginning of the month because it gets you to REVIEW and readjust your sails if you've gotten a bit off course.

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So what do you think? Should I keep doing Hello Mid-Month printables? Let me know in the comments below!

Speaking of reviewing, here's a review of what's been going on so far this month...

Introducing Mia and Jan Hemstad.
My sister Mia got married! I'm one of 11 kids and Mia is the first one to walk down the aisle so far. My sister Angelica was her maid of honor and they planned and executed everything so that Mia's wedding would only cost a fraction of what the average wedding cost.

Her wedding dress was perfect and was hand made just for her for $600!

Mia plans on putting everything she's learned about personally pulling off an amazing wedding into a workbook - the kind of workbook she wishes she could've found and used.

If you're interested in having a spectacular wedding without spending too much money, get on the waiting list for Mia's workbook HERE.

From left to right: Nathan (friend), me, Dana (sister), Drew (friend), Timmy (brother)

We rented bed and breakfasts throughout the trip and got to see alot of friends who we met on Guam. It was like we never left the island! We also had relatives join us from St. Croix!

Everyone is looking at different cameras. LOL

After the wedding, we stayed at our Aunt and Uncle's AMAZING cabin up in Big Bear. The younger kids got to touch snow for the first time. Mountains, snow, and trees all around. Hot coffee and books in the morning. Exploring through town. 

The altitude change coming back down was a bit murderous though!

Aaaand we went to DISNEY LAND. It was great taking the little kids there for the first time. I was so tired by then end though - I fell asleep sitting up in my chair!

Saying goodbye to the sister bride.

During my stay at Big Bear, I was able to finish creating the A5 version of the Ultimate Life Binder. It is now a part of the purchase of the A4 version, but for anyone and everyone who has already purchased the black and white A4 version, I will be messaging you all via Etsy with a link to the A5 kit for free as part of your previous A4 purchase. :)
I'm crossing my fingers that I can get it to everyone tonight.
I really need to figure out how to make it so I can message more than one person at a time through Etsy. So many people have purchased the Life Binder! And I thank you for that! It has helped make all of these travelings and experiences possible for me.

And the journey home. Here we are leaving San Diego for LA. It took FOREVER to be let off the plane in LA and we ended up racing like crazy to get to our gate in time for our Honolulu departure. It was comical yelling at eachother to "RUN, RUN, RUN!" suitcases flying, and Christmas music playing in the background through the airport speakers. Felt like a scene out of Home Alone.

So that's it for this month so far.
Now what am I looking forward to?

- planning an awesome 2016

- meeting up with the Female Entrepreneur Association team for an epic planning session

- creating online courses showing people how to design printables, sell on Etsy, design graphics for their blog and social media, start a social media content creation business. Ok, ok, lots of ideas, but I'll probably start with an online course showing people how I've been able to create AMAZING graphics and printables using a simple and easy tool called Picmonkey. Having this skill has helped me create a pretty awesome and beautiful business and blog. :) If you want to know when this course is available, you can get on the waiting list HERE.

- finish creating my 2016 PLAN DO REVIEW workbook. I'm excited about this! It's going to be 10x better than my 2015 Plan Do Review workbook.

What are YOU looking forward to?


  1. Hi Michele, I love your printables, but when I want to download them, everything goes out of place and font families change. Do you also have non-interactive versions of the printables, so that doesn't happen?

    1. Hi! How odd, hmmm.
      I created a new download for you! This one is a PNG instead of a PDF, so it should be fine now :) >> https://jumpshare.com/v/HfHy9xlsumSmlX8pm2Q2

  2. Totally awesome blog post, Michelle. I love the pictures. I can just imagine running through the airport with William. Congratulations on being featured in the bundle. What an accomplishment!!!! You are doing life to the fullest.


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