Freebie Friday: Positive Self Check-In Printable

This printable is the perfect example of why I love creating printables. I believe in the power of WRITING THINGS DOWN. What I mean by that is, I believe in the power of thinking on paper, writing out your thoughts, goals, dreams. People who do this on a regular basis achieve FAR more than people who do not. I make printables to help people get out of their heads and gain clarity on what it is they want so that they can STOP DRIFTING, WAKE UP, and TAKE ACTION! Can you tell I'm a little passionate here?

This printable is designed to help you check in with yourself, see how you're doing, reconnect with your positive attitude and hash out some stuff you can do next.
To print this, click the following link:


  1. Thank You Michelle!!! Your work is so appreciated and as you support people (like me) with your work, we support others in our own work in the world. Your work touches the lives of people who use your printables but also goes far beyond that; as my own productivity expands, I change more lives around me.

    LB Iddings

  2. Thank you LB for your kind words. You've described exactly the result I keep in mind when I am creating printables. They seem like such a small thing, but getting stuff down on paper is the beginning of bringing value into the world.


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