My Weekly Health Log Printable

I was doing really well exercising and eating well for a while, but I've fallen off what did I do? I created a printable to come to the rescue! Download this Weekly Health Log Printable!

I was listening to my SUCCESS magazine CD and in the interview, it was said that people who WRITE DOWN/JOURNAL their food intake and fitness activity lose twice as much weight as people who do not keep written record. Writing things down is so powerful and this is why I keep creating printables - to get more people to put pen to paper and turn their dreams, thoughts, and goals into something they can read, review, reflect on, keep track of, and cross off.

Make sure you print off your Weekly Health Log Printable and put it where you can use it everyday and stick it in your LIFE BINDER under your HEALTH section so that as time goes by you can see how you progress throughout the weeks.

Share your tips: How do you stay motivated to keep exercising and eating right?

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