Plan My Day Printable

How to use this printable:

Write in the date at the top right. For example: 2/20/14

Circle the day that it is.

Use the left side to write out your schedule for the day.

Under "eat that frog," write down the task that you wish would just go hide in the corner and die...but you know you need to get it done!

Under "top 3 goals," write down the top 3 tasks that if you got them done, then today would be FANTASTIC!

Under "lesson learned," write down one lesson that you can take away with you at the end of your day.

Under "gratitude," write down what you're grateful for about that day at the end of your day.

Did you eat well? Exercise?...check off yes or no.

On the right side, write down your To Do list.

At the bottom right, rate your performance by checking off one of the faces. Did you get all your stuff done? Did you get like half of your objectives done? Did you fail miserably? That's ok, we all have those days. ;)

One thing is for sure, though: You will always accomplish more with your day with a structured schedule and to do list than you would without one.

I want to hear from you! How do you like this printable? Do you have any tips for planning out your day and getting things done?
Drop a comment below! :)

To print this, CLICK ME!


  1. I love this printable! And the eat that frog section is new to me, but it might be exactly what I need! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Haha! Eating the frog can change your life! There is a book you read to learn more about it: Eat the Frog by Brian Tracy

    Hope you enjoy the printable! :)

  3. This is so lovely! I think I'm going to make all my calendar days like this! I mean... You don't need anything else for a day of planning! Your printables are SO lovely and inspirational! I already subscribed to your Mailing List :)

    Nice t meet you :D

    Hugs from Venezuela

  4. What Eat that Frog mean??? Hehehehe That's teh only expression I don't understand! (Sorry english is not my first language) :)

  5. Hi Miss E,

    Thank you for your comments. I always love hearing from people who appreciate the printables!

    Eat the Frog is an expression that simply means "Do the task that you really don't want to do."

    We make so much progress when we get the really hard task on our to do list done first and after it's done, everything else is easy!

  6. I'm so in love with this it's one of my favorite printable's <3

  7. Thank you for this excellent printable! I recently discovered it and it has become one of my top two to-do templates that I print for every day. I have read "Eat That Frog" and highly recommend it. I'm so glad you incorporated its main idea into a daily reminder.

    1. That's awesome. I feel like it's time for me to redo this printable and make it a little better since people still love and use it and I made it so long ago!


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