Free Printable: Who Can I Give Value to?

This is something you don't hear stressed in school.  It's not the good grades, or the stack of completed homework, or the degree that gives you opportunities to create a bright future.  It's people.  Education serves you when you use what you know to serve other people - which means that we need to be paying just as much (if not more) attention to building dynamic relationships with a network of people as we are paying attention to our grade point average or what have you.  People are opportunities.  Being able to look at a person and think, "What can I do for you?" is what will help you move forward in life.

As Jim Rohn said, you create income by bringing value to the marketplace.  What is the marketplace?  It's people.  You create income by bringing value to people.  As an entrepreneur with several different types of businesses, I've been able to figure out this principle from the inside out.  When you're willing to serve other people and help them get what they want, you will eventually get what you want.

But the KEY is that you can't wait for someone to "hire" you, to give you a project to do, to raise their hand and say "help me."  You have to be the one to think and say, "How can I help you?" and be willing to not benefit monetarily at first, and yet realize that there is always a benefit in helping others - every time you give value to others, you become a more valuable person...and that can lead to some pretty incredible opportunities.

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