Is your dream big enough?

When we make choices out of fear of rejection, criticism, or being uncomfortable, then it's easy to bury our dreams because we can tell ourselves "I'm fine the way I am, the way things are." When that's the case, then your dreams aren't big enough. Because if your dream was BIG ENOUGH, then it would be BIGGER THAN YOU and you wouldn't be making choices based on what makes you feel comfortable, you'd be making choices based on what's good for the PEOPLE you care about. When your dreams stop being all about you, you can't be stopped.


  1. Hi Michelle...I enjoyed reading your post. You are 100% correct. Life is so much about relationships. No one person is an island unto themselves, and if we don't value the people in our lives and take them on the journey with us...then as you said our dream is too small. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for commenting, Luke. The better we get at serving others, the richer our lives get - in every way!


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