What Makes Life Work Binder TIP

Here is a new tip for your "What Makes Life Work" binder:

You know all those magazines piling up that you want to find time to read?  Magazines can only really be read piece by piece.  They're not like books where you can sit down and enjoyably read it from cover to cover.  So instead of letting a magazine lie around with articles you intend to read later, pick one up, look for an article that feels pertinent to where you are in life right now and CUT IT OUT.  Yup.  You didn't buy that magazine for it to sit there looking pretty, did you?  You bought it to serve you in your intention to better your thinking and your life.  

Now take what you cut out and put it in your binder to read that week.  So far I've done this with SUCCESS Magazine and my Catholic magazines.  Then after you've read the material, if the article was important enough for you to want to keep handy, place in a filing system under the proper heading: "For mailing to a friend," "Project X," "Goal X," etc.

As Robin Sharma said, "To double your income, you must triple your investment in learning.". Buying those magazines isn't the same as learning them.  Put this tip to use and make life work!

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