Your Choices

Every day you are either changing the future for the better or perpetuating the present for the worse.  There's no such thing as standing still.  There's always something happening on a level that you cannot physically see right away, but it will always manifest in due time as if out of nowhere.  That's the reality of the compound effect and it all comes down to the pathetically simple, easy to do, easy not to do choices, actions, decisions that you make every moment of every day.  Every great achievement has its roots and beginning in one ridiculously simple decision.  Keep making good decisions.  A tiny decision is still a decision with the power to result in something huge over time.  Not making a decision is still a decision - usually with negative consequences.  Should I go to sleep at 10pm or at 12am?  Should I eat the apple or the potato chips.  Should I make a phone call to a client or watch youtube?  Should I mail this thank you letter now or put it off one more day.  Should I smile and say "good morning" to this stranger or keep walking?  Should I think about this negative thing or turn my attention to something else?  Moment by moment.  Day by day.  Successful people are the product of recognizing the power of one seemingly insignificant choice over another seemingly insignificant choice.  Are your choices adding up to something magical or something miserable?

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