OWL assignment #3: Stop Waiting for Permission: Do What You've Been Resisting

Hello!  We're moving onto the OWL assignment for week 3.

Without really realizing it, many of us live our lives waiting for permission.  Maybe this is a stubborn habit leftover from when we were kids and were trained to do as we were told for our own safety.  But it doesn't matter where this habit came from.  What matters is that we recognize that we're not kids anymore and it's time to drop the waiting game and give ourselves the permission to do what we want to do.  It's impossible to take 100% responsibility for your life unless you learn to do this.

So here's this weekend's assignment.  I've copied and pasted it from Robert Pagliarini's (the guy in the video) article that goes along with his video.  You can read the full article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robert-pagliarini/do-what-you-want_b_831626.html?ref=fb&src=sp#sb=1052515,b=facebook

The following is from Robert Pagliarini's article.  See link above.

Get conscious. It's time to name names. List a goal or aspiration and write down next to it all of the people for whom you are secretly waiting approval. If you're having trouble, ask yourself this: who needs to tell me that I am old enough, young enough, experienced enough, smart enough, attractive enough, thin enough, funny enough, or creative enough? Maybe you've been waiting to get a boyfriend before you travel across Europe. Why can't you go alone? Whose permission are you seeking? What about dropping your current job and switching to a career that inspires you?

There are two truths. The first is that nobody will ever give you permission. The second is that you don't need anyone's permission. Success doesn't come to those who wait for it. Success doesn't even come to those who ask for it. Success comes to those who fight off the naysayers and push forward without a permission slip.

It can be incredibly scary (and life changing) once you realize it's up to you. Regardless of the story you sell yourself, it always has been up to you, and it always will be. What would happen if you woke up tomorrow and decided you didn't need anyone to give you permission? What's the first thing you would start? Really, it's not a trick question.

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